- Made in the USA -

The Premium Vegan and Organic CBD Source.

World Class Flavor Backed By Science.


Every ingredient we use is completely organic in the process of making our infusibles.


Our ethically sourced ingredients are cruelty-free and almost all plant-based!

Zero THC

Through proprietary processes, we remove ∆9 THC while retaining the diverse plant profile.

Lab Tested

To ensure quality and consistency, we provide COA’s for all products.

What Do People Think of Us?

“The Hemp Oil Gummies are fantastic! I’ve tried a lot of different products and these are the best I’ve come across. They taste great and are effective. Thank you for making these!”

(verified buyer)

I have tried other brands of CBD, including well known brands, and none of them compare to Reserve Infusibles CBD oil. I have gotten to know them well as they are always available to answer questions. They are an amazing group of folks that put their heart and soul into their product

(verified buyer)

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What makes our infusibles so unique

These zero-THC infused supplements are cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan and made with organic ingredients.

Our science-backed compounded formulations are proven to increase bioavailability 3-5x over a standard product.

Most importantly, every infusible is formulated for the best you.  This is world-class flavor backed by science.