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Broad Spectrum Hemp Supplements Now Available!


Every ingredient we use is completely organic in the process of making our infusibles.


Our ethically sourced ingredients are cruelty-free and almost all plant-based!

Zero THC

Through proprietary processes, we ensure to remove THC while retaining the diverse plant profile.

3rd Party Lab Tests

To ensure quality and consistency, we independently acquire COA’s for your safety.

How Has Our CBD Hemp Oil Helped?

cbd oil balm

Love the balm! I have a bad back and chronic neck pain and the balm is a godsend. Smells amazing and works in about ten minutes. This is now a forever item in my home. Will buy again and again!.


I’ve literally been in tears for the past 3 weeks with my hands and arms in so much pain from neuropathy. I’ve tried every prescription under the sun, even electric shock therapy. After my very first dose of 1000mg, I felt an amazing amount of relief from pain within 20 minutes. Professional, fast, friendly service and extremely knowledgeable.


Try it for yourself.

What makes our infusibles so unique

These zero-THC infused supplements are cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan and made with organic ingredients.

Most importantly, every infusible is formulated for the best you.