Reserve Infusibles

We are determined to pave the pathways as the healthiest hemp company for ourselves and others.


When you choose your CBD, choose a company that cares. We devote ourselves to personally helping each and every member of our Reserve Family while donating to various causes!


We 100% guarantee that every infusible is compounded and formulated with YOU in mind. Consistent, quality ingredients and broad spectrum hemp oil are our priority.
Organic - Vegan - Gluten Free


We verify every ingredient matches our standard of quality. This includes a 3rd party Certificate of Analysis to guarantee our products have non-detectable amounts of THC.

Our story

Founded in January 2018, Reserve Infusibles is focused on pioneering the pathways to the best qualities of life – all by becoming the healthiest hemp company.  Since then, Reserve Infusibles has expanded through the Southeast and is continuously expanding to a national brand.

Reserve Infusibles creates infused products with world class flavor with the effectiveness backed by science. Our pipeline provides versatility and has the diversity to provide the best product for you. We believe our standard will become the new standard in infused products manufacturing.

Compassion. Quality. Integrity