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USDA Organic Ingredients

Our formulations are held to the highest standard for the healthiest you.

Vegan Friendly

Ethically and responsibly sourced ingredients that are 100% plant-based.

Choose Your Extract

Full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate. You let us know how we can work with you.

Quality Over Quantity

We specialize in world-class edibles. When you choose Reserve, you're guaranteed the highest quality.

Lab Tested

For your safety and quality assurance, we test for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, pathogens and cannabinoid accuracy.

Made in USA

We source 100% from US companies. Our hemp is organically grown by proud American farmers.

I have tried other [hemp] brands, including other well known brands, and none of them compare to Reserve Infusibles [hemp] oil.  I have gotten to know them well as they are always available to answer questions. They are an amazing group of folks that put their heart and soul into their products.

-Tonia H.


Vegan - Made with USDA Organic Ingredients - Non GMO

Vegan and made with entirely organic ingredients. Guaranteed to be the best tasting, most effective gummy. You can choose from two different sizes: 100mg 10 count and 300mg 30 count. Flavors come in Peach,  Mixed Berry and Lemon. 

White Label and Private Label Formulation Available.

cbd lozenge honey drops

Organically made lozenges formulated with honey, mint and lemon.  Available in 100mg, 10 count.

White Label and Private Label Formulation Available.

Broad spectrum hemp oil is infused with fractionated coconut oil (MCT Oil).  Compounded with emulsifier to increase bioavailability 3-5x through liposomal encapsulation. Flavors come in Natural and Mint. 

White Label and Private Label Formulation Available.

A coconut-shea blend with essential oils to soothe, relax and soften the skin.This balm is formulated to specifically absorb deep into the dermal layers of the skin and activate your CB and TRPV receptors.

White Label and Private Label Formulation Available.

Reserve Better Products
Reserve Infusibles' pipeline is scientifically formulated with ethically sourced, USDA organic ingredients. You can always be assured you have the highest quality products available - in effectiveness and flavor.
Reserve Better Marketing
Our mission is to help you succeed. Our customers are always given the proper tools to connect with their customers. We have staff connection programs, seminars and provide local marketing support.
Reserve Better Relationships
Our story doesn't end at the purchase.
When you choose Reserve, you have a support system and partnership that works harder so you can live easier. Whether it's continued training, industry questions or extended marketing...we've got you.

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